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We are dedicated to nourishing communities of people, animals, plants, and ecologies. To inspire and educate, and empower neighbors of all means to connect with food, plants and the land.


We started seeking together in the ending of the year counted 2020. In a time of upheaval, a time of crying out for racial justice, a time of social isolation and insecurity, we formed a collective, collaborative farm which has been marked by, seeks to learn from, and wishes to extend the work of the upheavals of this year.

Every step and every task is to be approached with care, joy, and with a sense of forwarding the work of justice, equity and healing. We seek to break ourselves of the habits of colonialist, ecologically harmful crop production. We seek to honor ancient traditions and we seek to create a living, hopeful, futurist, antiracist, decolonized space.


Not just mapping received ideas of production onto the land. Look to other models, and to the land itself. Keep it covered, keep it full and balance the chaotic and orderly.

For the benefit of the browser, Common Name Farm is an Organic Vegetable Farm in Lakewood, CO.

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