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The land we began farming was owned by Miss Betty Opal Mae Shelley. She is 99 years old, and has lived on that property for 81 years. She and her family cut hay on that ground for over 100 years but they got tired, and heard we were looking for a place to grow vegetables.

We flipped over the the Timothy and Brome grasses, occasional ropes of alfalfa. Twenty gallons of diesel were consumed but there was ground cleared for crops. We began planting on Wednesday May 19, 2021. 

On November 3, 2023 we planted garlic, our first crop at our new home in Lafayette. We brought 72 five gallon buckets of homemade compost from our previous home to enrich the sandy loam in which we joyfully sank nearly 6,000 garlic cloves. 

We farm organically and regeneratively, with intention to leave the soil, water and air in better condition than when we started producing crops. While our industry of agriculture is largely an invention of man and womankind, we look to the rhythms and interrelationships of nature and Earth as our teacher. Our farming philosophy is collective in nature; we seek not to reinvent the wheel as individualists but instead to work in concert with those who similarly seek. 


Food access has been at the heart of our farm from the first conversation on the first day. We are committed to doing as much as a tiny farm can to abolishing the barriers to fresh local food, be they real or perceived. Every human being should have access to real food. This is why we operate on a sliding scale, and why we partner with local organizations who provide fresh local produce to eaters of all means. We have big dreams of upheaval, of an agriculture which supports and extends the work of activists and rebels working to remedy the inequities of this world we find ourselves in, and we invite you to dream big with us. Bring us your thoughts, ideas, critiques, and if you would like to help us further this work, click here. 


We seek not to limit our production to food alone ... we work in the field of aesthetic and intellectual production as well. We seek to provide inspiration from our agricultural production as we have been inspired, moved and challenged by working in this field. 

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