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CSA shares

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Buying a share means that we harvest produce for you each week for as long as the Colorado growing season allows. A CSA is a j0urney of eating locally for a full growing season, in concert with the very people who grow your food. Every other week we offer art and writing, as well as occasional flowers and bouquets. 


We offer one share size at a sliding scale. Below are three price options for immediate purchase, but we can work with any budget

We don't want for anyone to feel excluded from our CSA shares because of finances. If the above share/payment options do not fit your budget, please reach out to us here and we can work with you on something that's sustainable for your household. 

Working on the farm as a volunteer shareholder presents another opportunity to access a CSA share at a discount with the added perk of gaining farming knowledge and hands-on soil time.

See more info here

If you're excited about our mission to make food accessible to folks of all financial means and you'd like contribute to the cause, consider gifting a share to someone in need or check out this page

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