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Full September Week

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Just a reminder that tomorrow we'll be gathering at the farm during CSA pickup time, 3 until whenever. If your pickup day is on Monday you can grab your share from the cooler, there will be a list posted of what to grab. For those who haven't been to the farm yet, it is located at the corner of Garrison and Dakota, behind Family Liquors. You can park along the street and the entrance to the farm is halfway down Dakota. Please invite anyone you think would be interested in visiting the farm!

A few years ago we took a kimchi making workshop with our friend and CSA shareholder Sueyeun Juliette Lee. Making and consuming kimchi has been a passion of ours ever since. She has graciously consented to do another workshop for us on Sunday, September 19. All kimchi making materials will be provided as well as snacks and drinks. The suggested price for the workshop is $50, and all the money collected after costs will go to the Chinook Fund. As always we would like this to be accessible to all so you are welcome to pay any amount. The event will be open to anyone, not just CSA shareholders so if you know someone who you think would be interested have them get in touch with us to reserve a spot.


Harvest List: Okra Delicata squash Salad mix Eggplant Beets Onions Sweet corn Basil Tomatoes Peppers Please note this list is dependent on weather and crop conditions, not guaranteed or comprehensive.

As we relish the season’s bountiful harvest, we’d like to highlight the many plates that the farm’s food is touching, well beyond the CSA. Any CSA shares people are unable to pick up and any produce we are producing in excess are donated to organizations helping to address food insecurity in the area. Kaizen Food Rescue is a local nonprofit that was started by Thai Nguyen in 2019. It was created with the premise of a refugee helping other refugees and families in need, while simultaneously helping the planet. Thai lived in 4 refugee camps in 4 different countries before making it to the states. Led by those facing food insecurity, Kaizen’s food shares are centered in communities across the Denver Metro Area that fall victim to food apartheid (the common phrase “food desert” is misleading because a “desert” indicates a natural phenomenon; whereas “food apartheid” rightfully indicates that food is lacking in certain communities due to intentional planning). Kaizen’s mission is to “prevent food waste, improve food justice and health equity” across Denver, and bring fresh, healthy and culturally relevant foods to all. Thai runs an emergency mobile food share in six locations and serves about 500 families a day, and even makes the time to show us where our donations end up in any given week. Last week they went to Karen refugees in Aurora:

For those of you who have joined our community more recently, the significance of the Wednesday CSA pick-up site at Warren Village extends beyond being a convenient central location in Capitol Hill. Warren Village is a community of single-parent families that offers transitional housing to mothers experiencing homelessness and a promise of support to allow these women to achieve their goals. Noelle has been a Warren Village resident since spring of 2018, right before Inez joined us earthside. Noelle would not be in a position to start a farm if not for the Warren Village program, and aims to give back to this community in every way possible.

Each week we bring enough produce to reach many of the 93 families who live in the Warren Village apartment complex. There are very often canned goods and processed food made available to residents but fresh food is highly desired and not easily accessed by many.

SAME Cafe (So All May Eat) serves a stunning farm-to-table menu for a pay-what-you-can price daily at its location on Colfax on Capitol Hill as well as its new food truck. If someone would like a meal but are not able to pay for it with money, they can volunteer in exchange. SAME sources the majority of their ingredients from local farm donations, and their food is well worth checking out. SAME Cafe distinguishes itself from a food pantry or soup kitchen because it is a space that people from all walks of life come to. We are beyond proud to call all of these entities our partners. We’ve dreamed of our CSA being a community that reaches across barriers to bring people together around food. Thank you, dear members, for making it possible for us to contribute to their good work and to bring this dream to life.


Recipe: Warm delicata and beet salad inspired by CSA member Chef Ruben Valentin Ingredients: Onions Beets Delicata squash Fresh rosemary Salad greens Olive oil Cinnamon Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Slice onions and set on medium-low heat in butter or oil, to begin a leisurely caramelization process, stirring occasionally and deglazing as needed. Slice delicata lengthwise and scoop seeds out of seed cavity. Clean seeds in a strainer, pat dry in a clean dish towel, and toss in coconut or olive oil, salt and cinnamon. Place seeds onto small baking sheet in a single layer and bake for about 10 minutes, or until they are golden and sizzly. Set aside (or snack on them I suppose). Slice delicata in cross sections to make ½ inch thick C-shaped semi-rounds. Peel and slice beets into ½ inch rounds. Toss squash and beets together in olive oil on a baking sheet with salt and fresh chopped rosemary. Roast until easily pierced with a fork, about 20 minutes. Squash and beets should be done roasting at the same time the onions reach the point of caramelization. Add squash, beets, onions and seeds to a bowl of salad greens and toss all together to coat the leaves.

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